10 reasons your company, product or service should be using a cartoon logo.

10 Reasons Your Company Needs A Cartoon Logo

When a business begins to think about having a logo or brand created for a product or service, they have many things to consider including what type of logo they would like. They could go with a text only style, an abbreviation with letters only, a simple icon, a combination of text and icon or an illustrative type of design.

Among the different types of logos there's the one we like most and that is the funny or cartoon logo. We've been creating cartoon characters and logos for companies since 1981 and we hope everyone considers a cartoon for their next design project.

Read our list of 10 reasons we think your business should employ the use of a cartoon logo, cartoon character or funny logotype design.

This list was created by Curtis D. Tucker of Curtoons.com and may not be copied and posted on another website. Please link to this page as a cartoon or logo resource. Enjoy the list!!


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Top 10 Reasons To Use A Funny or Cartoon Branded Logo

by Curtis D. Tucker

Funny Duck Logo
1) Fun - Cartoon logos and funny characters are just downright fun. If you want to bring a smile to your customers you won't find a better way than by reaching them with a funny character or light-hearted cartoon design. Businesses that deal with kids, a fun atmosphere or humor should not even consider anything but a whimsical style logo.

2) Attention - What grabs peoples attention better than a cartoon? Other than nudity there's not much. Most people head straight to the funnies when they pick up the Sunday paper and everyone loves to read or look at a funny comic. Your cartoon logo or character will get people to at least look, if the image is designed well enough you'll get them to investigate more.

3) Humor - Using cartoon character is a humorous way to present your products and services. It allows you to communicate a serious message or service in a subtle humorous way. Bringing a smile to a customers face should be the goal of any company.

4) Familiarity - Cartoon characters are easy to remember! Cartoon characters create a fun filled atmosphere and when they are seen at a later date can bring back that warm fuzzy feeling. People tend to remember cartoon characters more than other common images. .

Funky Monkey Logo
5) Youth - People have been familiar with cartoon characters from a young age, so they can relate to a funny character design. Cartoon logos convey your message to a customer with a child-like innocence. Making your company look youthful can attract more attention than your old style competition.

6) Promotions - You can use a cartoon logo for advertisements, letterheads, business cards, websites, and on all the communication materials used by your company. Many customers will even help advertise your business by using or wearing promotional products that display your image.

7) Loyalty - Most people like to become a part of a crowd or niche group. Once they feel like they are a part of that group they become very loyal. Many people will make a purchase based on the character promoting the product. They become loyal to the character and want to be a part of anything created that displays that image.

8) Differentiate - Any company needs to stand out from the crowd of competitors in their marketplace. Companies dealing with boring or uninspiring subject matter can rise above the competition by injecting a bit of humor. A cartoon logo conveys that you are taking a new approach to something old and stale.

Cartoon Kids Logo
9) Curiosity - People will show interest in a funny logo or character and will visit your company to search out more information. Customers are curious as to what a character has to say. Most people expect to find something funny or happy when investigating a cartoon promotion.

10) Speed - Cartoon illustration conveys your message quickly and easily to potential customers. People know immediately what a funny cartoon is and won't hesitate to learn more. You can reach large groups of people with less advertising when you can get the majority of them to notice you on the first try.

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