Top 26 Famous company cartoon characters used as mascots, brands and product spokespersons

Famous Cartoon Characters used in Product Branding

Consumers will continuously do business with companies they like, trust and remember. A familiar face can help sell a company, product or service. That's why famous celebrities are so popular in advertising campaigns. There are many downsides to using a real life person so many companies have gone to celebrity cartoon characters which can easily be controlled, last forever and bring a smile to a consumers face.

Cartoon character and mascots have been used in branding for over hundred years and continue to be popular today. Funny characters work great for child related businesses, whimsical products and ultra fun services. But they also help bring a friendly tone to more stringent businesses dealing with everyday mundane subjects.

We can help you create your own cartoon mascot. View our list below and see how these famous cartoon characters have helped brand their businesses.

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Top 26 Company Cartoon Mascots and Spokes characters

by Curtis D. Tucker

Please enjoy our list of famous characters. We did not include every cartoon character, especially cereal brand mascots, but have listed what we think are the best examples of successful brand mascots.

1) Mickey Mouse - Mickey was the character that started it all. He's been the leading spokes character for Disney World, Disney Land and many other Walt Disney entities since 1928. Most likely one of the most well known faces in the world.

2) Tony Tiger - "They're Grrr-eat!" Tony helps sell frosted flakes to kids and adults all around the world. He's been branding for Kellogg's since he was originally created as part of a cartoon contest.

3) Charlie the Tuna - "Sorry, Charlie!" Many of these mascots are not only famous for being themselves but for the phrases they say. Charlie has been hocking tuna for StarKist since the early 60's.

4) Chester Cheetah - "It ain't easy bein' cheesy." A relatively new character but maybe one of the hippest. Chester is helping keep adults addicted to those crunchy yellow Cheetos.

5) Joe Camel - One of the most controversial character brands, Joe Camel was looked down upon because of his promotion of cigarettes and that influence on children.

6) Snoopy - Originally created by Charles Schulz for Peanuts, Snoopy is now licensed by MetLife for it's advertising promotions. Snoopy is also one of the most lovable characters and can be seen on thousands of promotional products.

7) Jeeves - search engine. Originally known as Ask Jeeves, "Jeeves" was the "gentleman's personal gentleman", or valet, who could find answers to any question asked.

8) Little Caesar - "Pizza, Pizza!" Little Caesars Pizza. This great cartoon mascot is the most famous Roman around. He helps bring millions into the doors for carry out pizza.

9) Pink Panther - Licensed by Owens Corning. The Pink Panther went from his own cartoon series to being a part of some rather large licensing deals.

10) Kool-Aid Man (aka Pitcher Man) Kool-Aid flavored drink mix. An all time kid favorite. He was one of the most well know characters to kids in the 70's.

11) Sailor Jack and Bingo - Cracker Jack's.

12) Mermaid - Chicken of the Sea tuna.

13) Piggly Wiggly - Piggly Wiggly supermarkets.

14) ICEE Polar Bear - ICEE ice drinks.

15) Jovny the Stork - Vlasic pickles.

16) Capn' Crunch (aka Horatio Magellan Crunch) Capn' Crunch cereal.

17) Punchy - Hawaiian Punch.

18) Morton Salt Girl - Morton salt.

19) Mr. Peanut - Planters peanuts.

20) Quiky - Nesquik Bunny .

21) Ernie Keebler (aka Ernest J. Keebler)

22) Yipes the Zebra - Fruit Stripe gum

23) Wendy - Wendy's restaurants.

24) Happy Star - Carl's Jr.

25) Buster Brown - Brown Shoe Company.

26) Smokey Bear - United States Forest Service.

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