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I started sketching cartoons when I was just a little kid reading Peanuts and MAD Magazine in the 70's. I slowly began creating my own characters in 1980 while in high school. From there I started doing projects for yearbooks and church newsletters.

It wasn't long and I was creating simple cartoon logos for local businesses in my area. All through college and my first few jobs I maintained my little side logo business.

I've done hundreds of cartoon logo designs for companies all over the world and have been online since 1999 long before any other cartoon logo studio.

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Curtis D. Tucker - Designer of Logos and Funny Characters

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Cartoon Character Cartoonist
I’m Curtis D. Tucker, a professional cartoonist that has created an amazing connection with the World Wide Web. I love combining my cartooning skills with my entrepreneurial ideas. Part of that combination was the creation of the longest running cartoon logo business online.

That's right, I was entering the Internet world at the same time that Google was. Since it's inception I was the top cartoon logo company in their rankings. (things have changed since the 2011 Panda update - an ESPN story on the lack of sports cartoon logos now outranks me on certain computers - so much for Google improving their search results.)

Since building that first cartoon website ( in 1998 I’ve been hooked on the Internet. This second cartoon logo website was created as a backup for the Curtoons Cartoon Logo Company website. In case one site or server goes down I will always have a backup website up and running.

I try to add unique content to each website so that they are not considered duplicate sites. You might see a few cartoon images on both websites but each has it's own collection as well.

I have been cartooning since I was a boy growing up in Enid, Oklahoma. I began by imitating Don Martin cartoons from MAD Magazine. I began creating my own cartoon characters when I entered high school and began a side graphic design company as a senior in high school.

I've been cartooning ever since. I've always worked in the graphic design field and have been a silk screen printer, a grocery ad layout artist, a Director of Advertising and owner of my own cartoon studio. I began working for myself in 2003 and have never looked back.

Curtoons Cartoon Logo Studio
I've created cartoon logo designs for hundreds of clients in almost every major country in the world. My niche client is someone starting a new business, a sole proprietor and many Mom and Pop shops. I try to keep my prices fair while still maintaining the value of a professionally designed logo mark.

Let me know if I can help you in any way. I'd love to at least hear from you and give you some advice on your next cartooning project.

Like I say, “Life is short, don’t dilly-dally”. Have fun and enjoy every day. I hope my cartoons will bring a smile to your day.

Please bookmark this page, Tweet it, Blog it or Like it. I don't want to get lost in the search engine shuffle so be sure you know how to find me again.


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